Almost a quarter of the 2019/2020 season is already in the books. Unfortunately, it seems as if we’ve carried many of last year’s problems into the new championship.

After nine games, we currently rank in 16th place with a record of two wins, three draws and four defeats. It goes without saying that we expected more and continue to chase our team goals. There are certainly reasons for this, as we have yet to display the type consistency we all envision. As a result, we have to overcome yet another setback after suffering a loss this past weekend.

Thanks to the international break in our calendar, we now have two weeks to figure things out. We’ll be looking to put together a string of positive performances and hopefully results. A key game could be our round of 32 league cup clash with Olympic Marseille, as we’re looking to change the dynamic of our season. The clock may be ticking – but we still have enough time to achieve all of our goals.

Sincerely Yours,